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Berkshire County, MA
Berkshire County, MA

Martin Levin represented the national non-profit, Clean Water Action, in a case filed as part of the group’s efforts to protect Massachusetts rivers, streams, and wetlands.   The case was brought pursuant to the “citizen suit” provisions of the Clean Water

Clean Water Action’s Federal Court complaint alleged that the defendant, a concrete manufacturer located in the Hoosic River watershed, was failing to comply with Clean Water Act requirements intended to prevent polluted storm water discharges from the facility into waters tributary to the Hoosic.  Following site inspections and depositions of company personnel by Mr. Levin, the company agreed to enter into a Consent Decree requiring extensive storm water management improvements to the 100 acre facility.

To further mitigate the alleged violations, the company also agreed to have sixty acres of forested land placed under conservation restriction, and to contribute to the state’s purchase of an additional thirty-four acres of conservation land.  These 2014 land conveyances increased the size of the state’s Chalet Wildlife Management Area, extending conservation protection to almost 100 acres.

Chalet Wildlife Management Area – Acreage Placed Under Conservation Protection, 2014